2018/2019 Bacchus On The Beach Branding


The food and wine festival redesign for The Resort at Longboat Key Club focused on keeping elements of the previous design and freshening up the look. Bringing out bolder colors and highlighting wine elements, along with the mythical Bacchus god's more menacing look. The project included redesigning the logo, email campaigns, banner, Facebook, and print ads, along with menus and apparel design. The project was completed and Launched in November 2019 and is to be used for all future Bacchus events.

2019 Bacchus Illustration

Illustration of the Bacchus wine gods face.

2019 Bacchus on the Beach Logo Design

Full Bacchus on the Beach Logo Design.

2019 Bacchus Flyer Design


2019 Bacchus Scene Magazine Print Ad

2019 Bacchus Observer Arts Entertainment

2019 Bacchus Event Detail Sheet

2019 Bacchus Web Banner

2019 Bacchus Web Banner

2019 Bacchus Web Banner

2019 Bacchus on The Beach T-shirt Design

Bacchus t-shirt mock up design.

Bacchus T-shirt Final Product

2018 Bacchus e-mail Campagne

2018 Bacchus Flyer

2018 Bacchus Events Club Experience Magazine

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