Digital Graphic Design

Website Mockups and full builds, Digital advertising designs such as web banners, click ads, social media content, and email campaigns.

Vacation Villas
Longboat Key, Florida

2020 Full website redesign included image editing, page redirecting, over 20 full-page builds. The project focused on freshening up the Vacation Villas website look to be consistent with all other Ocean Property sites, and improve functionality while removing redundancy.

Grimes Crane & Equipment Services LLC.
Roanoke, Indiana

2019 Full website build  along with SEO and Google search package purchases. I also worked on the full brand of Grimes CES with the owner providing, logo, business card, and form design.

International Satellite Systems, Inc. (ISS)
Sarasota, Florida

2018 website design, image editing and form and flyer designs.

Road Grays Travel LLC.
Sarasota, Florida

2020 Full website design along with SEO, and branding design.

MCE Yoder Roofing
Sarasota, Florida

2015 website design, and brand design for MCE Yoder Roofing. Worked with owners on colors, logo concepts and website pages and function. I also provided business card design and ordering as well as signs and vehicle stickers. I later helped them with Social Media.

Digital Advertising 2017-2020

Digital advertising design: web banners, click ads, social media content, and email campaigns. Campaigns were designed for Lido Beach Resort, The Resort At Longboat Key Club, and Sandcastle Resort. Responsibilities included creating taglines, Clean designs, and coding HTML for email campaigns.

Digital Advertising-Banner-LBR-2018

4.30-WB-LIDO-Visit SRQ-465x143

WB-LIDO-Visit SRQ-465x143-1

WB-LIDO-Visit SRQ-465x143-3

WB-LIDO-Visit SRQ-465x143-2

Lido-Tampa Bay Times9-2017


Digital Advertising-LIDO-VisitSRQ



LBR-Orlando Sentinel 7.25x4


LBR-AAA Living-2018

Lido-Tampa Bay Times10-2017



SC-AAA Living-2018

4.18-WB-SCR-Visit SRQ-300x250

SC-Sample Ad-4

4.18-WB-SCR-Visit SRQ-465x143







Digital Advertising-eblast-PMY2018-2

Digital Advertising-eblast-PMY2018-3

4.30-WB-R@LBKC-Visit SRQ-465x143

4.30-WB-R@LBKC-Visit SRQ-300x250

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